Into Oblivion - Pre-release This Friday

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! We're just writing to let you folks know that Into Oblivion is coming to pre-release status this coming Friday (September 5th)! It will be available on which will net you a beta key for Steam and a small bonus art pack.

The game is still in it's beta testing phase. But Friday we will move from polishing up single-player into adding multiplayer back in for tune-ups before release. We, of course, will be giving out a few select individuals beta access to open it up to more testing. And no, if you have to ask, you aren't on that list.

To all beta testers, this is the best time to give us feedback on stuff to add! Drink recipes, intoxs, residues, special items, skins, etc. As well as all the usual bugs you may come across.

More details on Friday!

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