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Into Oblivion is a drinking contest akin to drunken Scrabble. Each player selects up to seven different ingredients each round and attempts to make one of many mixed drinks for themselves or their opponents. Some drinks have additional status effects, some leave a nasty residue behind for the next player.

The game is currently in beta (v0.2.4) and contains bugs! Join us on our Steam community to help fix them up or make suggestions!

Legend has it that this mysterious marvel of engineering known the Pocket Brewer was invented by Dr. Cyrus Stansfield as a means of keeping the homeless away from his dental office's parking lot. Some say it was crafted by the government to subdue the masses of Starkham. Others say some highly motivated drunks cobbled it together when the Noose & Rafter briefly shut down for the summer. Regardless of how it happened, it has allowed the denizens of the town to easily make dangerous alcoholic drinks and hold all-too frequently drinking contents.

The game takes place in various seedy locations through the city of Starkham (prominently featured in our previous games) and against some of it's better known inhabitants.  Players can customize their character as well as challenge friends in different online/LAN matches.  Bet on your matches directly, or spectate on other people's match and bet, to gain money to buy upgrade, cosmetic skins, and items from the local Shady Merchant.

The game has the following features best laid out in list format with snappy phrases like:

  • Face off against five different characters in story mode
  • Various outfits, hair styles, and accessories
  • Soundtrack by Macabre Gandhi and David Totten
  • Online and LAN multiplayer up to 4 people
  • Personal and global statistics on debauchery
  • A leaderboard system of true alcoholics
  • Over 40 items to mix, match, and drink
  • Over 50 mixed drink recipes
  • Over 10 temporary buffs to save your hide
  • Over 10 Residues to sabotage your opponent
  • Drink in various locations around Starkham
  • Bet against friends and foes to acquire coins
  • Upgrade and unlock gear at the Shady Merchant's shop
  • 18 achievements to obtain

The game features online and LAN cross-platform multiplayer for Linux, Mac, and Windows so you can drink your buddies under the table no matter what operating system they use. Watch matches as a spectator and bet on the winner either through pot bets or side bets. Or get into the action yourself in one of four different game modes; each with a subset of rules.

Spectators can also rolls dice as they wait for a match to end or even try to influence the outcome through devious methods.

Similar to the "Street Loyalty" features of our last game, The Dope Game, there are some small bonuses for players of our other games. Mostly of the cosmetic variety. Each game played unlocks a different skin set to mix and match with the ones you have already. If you haven't played any of our previous games, fear not, you'll only have to spend a little coin to get them as well.

Additionally, we have some content updates coming as well mostly in the way of additional skins, items, recipes, and game modes. As per usual.


Pre-order Now$1.99 USD or more

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could be fun ,thanks for the info.

Indeed! Yeah, it is still in early alpha with a lot of stuff still being added and tested. Feel free to sign up for the beta when it arrives.