Into Oblivion - Version 1.6.0 Update - Easter Event

Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  Today we are releasing the version 1.6.0 update which contains the Easter event!  This has new skins, achievements, a bot, arena, and more.  The event runs until April 27th to beat H.H. Bunny and keep your Easter unlocks (well, until next year this time).

Here is the change log for those who know:

  • Added: new bot - H.H. Bunny
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six special holiday drinks
  • Added: new holiday arena
  •  Added: new Easter skins
  • Fixed: missing holiday flags in save file
  • Fixed: avatar head spacing in multiplayer
  • Fixed: need for flag to stop rechecking Steam stats

Next up is the infamous Brewmaster expansion!  More on that this summer!

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