Into Oblivion - Version 1.4 Update - X-Mas Event Live

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today we are releasing the v1.4 update which patches in the X-Mas event and fixes some other small things.

The X-Mas event adds in two new achievements, the new Krampus bot, new Snowy Forest arena, and six new holiday-themed drinks. Not to mention a new wallpaper for the DLC-owning folks.

For those curious, check out the change log below and happy holidays!

  • Added: new holiday bot, Krampus
  • Added: new arena, Snowfield
  • Added: two new achievements, Night Before X-Mas and Holiday Cocktails
  • Added: six new X-Mas themed drinks
  • Added: animated snowglobe reward for achievement
  • Added: new X-Mas themed skins for players to wear
  • Added: new wallpaper to DLC
  • Changed: functionality for achievements due to GodotSteam update
  • Changed: random bots can now select from any hair, headgear, shirt, pants, and shoes skins
  • Changed: date span for holiday seasons, particularly Halloween
  • Changed: achievement checking and comparison to save file
  • Fixed: glitch where betting more than the opponent had crashed the game

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