Update To The Black Label Edition And The Private Reserve DLC Now Out!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today we put out the Private Reserve DLC for Into Oblivion! It contains the game’s soundtrack, some wallpapers, a thank you note, and a printable PDF of the playable card game.

You lovely folks here on Itch.io get the Black Label Edition (which is also available on Steam).  Anyone who pre-purchased Into Oblivion gets a free upgrade to the Black Label Edition.

The Black Label Edition
Much like The Dope Game, we have created a bundle for Into Oblivion and the Private Reserve DLC so you can get both for a discounted price.  Purchasing it will give you access to the downloadable DLC pack as well as Steam keys to both the main game and the DLC.

Wait, Printable Card Game?
Yeah, you can print out the PDF pages then cut them into playing cards. We recommend using card stock. The playable card game is similar but has obvious changes made so you can play it at home.

We are currently working to getting manufactured versions of the cards available so folks can just use those instead. If/when this happens, we’ll report back.

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