Into Oblivion - Now Out - Version 1.0 Update

Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  Today is the day and we are releasing Into Oblivion into the wild and making the final build publicly available!  Those of you who have been beta testing, and of course the pre-order people, have seen it change over the course of the last six months or so and we thank you for finding bugs and suggesting changes to the gameplay.

That being said, we have some more changes coming in the near future including engine updates to remove the need of port forwarding (this is a big one).  There are also a few content updates planned for later this year as well... and a few other surprises we'll announce when the time is right.

Also, we have a demo being put together so folks can try the game out.  It will have no networking (obviously) and be limited to tutorial mode only.  The Shady Merchant's shop won't be functional either.

Last but not least, here is the extensive final build change log:

  • Added: lobby heartbeat for obvious reasons
  • Added: "bottoms" option to Midnight
  • Added: drink hints to show what you can make with your hand (both known and unknown)
  • Added: drink stats to the drink list when hovering over a name
  • Added: Top Shelf and The Sobering multiplayer modes
  • Added: four achievements - Graduation, Responsible, Connoisseur, and Teetotal
  • Added: chat icon to show other players chat window
  • Added: collectibles on box for any temporary or permanent upgrades
  • Added: ties to the careers record
  • Added: a shuffle animation when the cards get re-shuffled
  • Changed: allowed players to set custom ports when hosting
  • Changed: if player dies during drink, it now hides the drink they are consuming
  • Changed: added "bottoms" text to tutorial
  • Changed: in-game chat now records chat history for session, can scroll through it
  • Changed: cleaned up more code
  • Changed: re-wrote server deletion function to be threaded
  • Changed: consumed drink display
  • Changed: margin spacing in dynamic buttons
  • Changed: some messages based on activities
  • Changed: toggling sound or music on puts it back to it's value prior to being off
  • Fixed: player HUD not resetting correctly after first multiplayer match
  • Fixed: wrong tutorial sign showing up if match ended before half-time starts
  • Fixed: invite not being disabled before server was set up
  • Fixed: crash when going from host to join too quickly before server disconnects
  • Fixed: no X on missing 1 or 4 die in dice tray at end of turn for multiplayer
  • Fixed: graphical issue with opening cover
  • Fixed: network player missing their purchases or upgrades
  • Fixed: ESC not closing pause menu
  • Fixed: not removing lobby from server list after hitting back button
  • Fixed: small issues with CoaguCo API
  • Fixed: weird glitch where all achievements show as unlocked in stats section
  • Fixed: issue where death on first drink doesn't trigger achievement
  • Fixed: missing click sounds
  • Fixed: issue where cross-platform Linux and Windows match would sometimes crash
  • Fixed: issue where player would get double their betting amount upon victory
  • Fixed: unlock graphics over top of closing window
  • Fixed: bots arena not showing up correctly
  • Fixed: chat window above closing window
  • Fixed: correct halftime message if you don't have a 1 or a 4 on the last roll
  • Fixed: chain vomit text not being dark enough
  • Fixed: peer backgrounds not matching
  • Fixed: some missing HUD updates for client in multiplayer game
  • Fixed: multiplayer drink book doesn't clear last recipes
  • Fixed: all sleeve cards showing if you only have 1 or 2
  • Fixed: player 2's appearance sticks if leaving multiplayer lobby for singleplayer
  • Fixed: showing player two won dice if players tied
  • Fixed: Taco Hell giving player 1 drunk point instead of subtracting it
  • Fixed: tie game gives back too much money
  • Fixed: drank graphics not fading out correctly

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