Into Oblivion - Version 0.4.1 Update

Hey, anonymous alcoholics. Today we are putting out the last beta update before the first release version. Seriously. And it is a bitter-sweet one because we had to axed some of the multiplayer modes.

Yep, we had planned for a few extra multiplayer modes that included up to two additional players. However, after various attempts to get them functional it wasn’t to be. Long story short, functionally under the hood it was a nightmare pulling it off and in the end it didn’t work at all, but sometimes in game development you get some good ideas that just can’t be pulled off. Nonetheless, we will attempt to put some of that back in after release in the form of content updates if we can.

Mac users, all five of you, you will also lament our decision to leave you out of the release. Our buddy Mike may champion your cause and get us a working version for OSX but currently the Mac version isn’t functional and has also been axed for now.

However, here is a list of the changes that can be found in the last beta update:

  • Added: lobby rules for remaining multiplayer modes
  • Added: end match trophy to singleplayer
  • Added: tied conditional to singleplayer
  • Added: network heartbeat to check for connection drops
  • Changed: additional code re-writes
  • Changed: removed spectating option
  • Changed: Midnight dice tray now separates 1 and 4 from score
  • Changed: removed Mac support entirely
  • Changed: swapping drinks no longer tells you what they are
  • Changed: now shows what you actually drank
  • Changed: removed 4-Player Versus, Random Drink, and Tag-Team
  • Changed: removed most unused graphics
  • Fixed: missing if/else conditional for victory allowing two win types at once
  • Fixed: missing player money in shop
  • Fixed: trophy showing above tutorial sign
  • Fixed: missing body frame in idle animations during lobby
  • Fixed: sleeve cards not working properly
  • Fixed: sleeve card sign not disappearing at end game round-up
  • Fixed: vomit counting as double on match scoring in singleplayer
  • Fixed: missing end game message if game is tied
  • Fixed: cards sitting over notepad list
  • Fixed: small grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Fixed: missing statistics
  • Fixed: lifetime drink totals not being recorded correctly

We’ll see you next week for release and version 1.0!

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