Into Oblivion - Version 0.2.5 Update

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! These are the patch notes for the last beta update we did. It is a bit after the fact considering v0.3.0 is coming very soon. But here we go:

  • Added: tutorial hints on your first game
  • Added: 51 new recipes
  • Added: 1 new residue
  • Added: multi-player matches back in
  • Added: two new pages to drink book
  • Added: show ingredients player is adding/subtracting to brewer, in multiplayer
  • Added: pressing ENTER will join given IP, if entered
  • Added: last 10 achievements
  • Added: midnight as a half-time game
  • Added: badge to half-time winner's avatar
  • Added: half-time message during rolling
  • Added: separate hand for dice rolling animations during halftime
  • Changed: various signal connecting in lobby scene
  • Changed: updated bot AI in drink selection
  • Changed: bots Marsch, Sweaty Mike, and Jenkins can now use any items
  • Changed: lists and scripting for drinks, residues, intoxicants, and ingredients
  • Changed: message now shows up when connection fails
  • Changed: lobby ready mechanic
  • Changed: replaced betting options with role options in Setup
  • Changed: match setup options don't appear until player actually joins host
  • Fixed: statistics not saving correctly
  • Fixed: incorrect drink recipes in brewer script
  • Fixed: incorrect drink recipes in drink book
  • Fixed: half-time liquor bottles contents
  • Fixed: pants over shoes in player 1 set up
  • Fixed: Steam invite string when accepting invites
  • Fixed: some achievements unlocked by default
  • Fixed: weird line through match start-up screen
  • Fixed: spelling mistake on achievement description

Big changes in our last beta, coming to a bar near you soon!

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