Into Oblivion - Version 0.2.1 Update and Release Date Change

Hey, party drinkers. We are moving the original release date for Into Oblivion to late July/early August. We are still in the middle of beta testing. While some things are being cemented in, others are still changing. That being said, we will definitely miss our June 15th release window which was already pretty close to Steam Summer Sale; which is a bad time to release games.

We will let Summer Sale cool off for a few weeks then launch the game, as mentioned, sometime in late July/early August. But once we get near the last stages of beta we will probably start pre-release on, where users will get keys to join in the beta to make any suggestions, test for bugs, or help guide changes.

Also we are pushing the version 0.2.1 update today, mainly for beta testers. Here is the change log of what has happened since the last one!

  • Added: match settings toggles to lobby
  • Added: 'random' to rule list
  • Added: in-game console, toggles with ~
  • Added: single-player progression with bots
  • Added: arena unlock progression
  • Added: multiplayer chat
  • Changed: back button on lobby to uncrowd the box
  • Fixed: issue where achievements were saved as 'y' instead of true
  • Fixed: arena customization showing wrong name when using last saved arena
  • Fixed: clearing networking status when leaving active game or lobby
  • Fixed: lobby idling not working correctly
  • Fixed: "Wise Penny" hair going over appearance toggles
  • Fixed: other player's characters not disappearing when switching from join to host or vice-versa
  • Fixed: lobby not closing when host leaves
  • Fixed: player being able to join self (?!)

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