Dev Diary - 5/22/20 - Haulin’ Oats And The Dope Game Remaster

Hey there, scallywags!  Another week, another development diary, another trickle of information during crunch time.

Haulin’ Oats

This week was more polish and more preparation for the Steam Game Festival.  The demo, thankfully, was approved and is ready to go. 


Since it has a separate repository from the main game, all of the changes I am making have to be ported over.  That sucked up a lot more time than I expected really; even though each each activity / interface is its own scene in Godot. The cards being the biggest pain in the ass, which required rewriting some underlying systems.

That being said, the next alpha should be out around the same time as the Steam Game Festival (early June).  Steam keys have been procured and will be distributed that week.

The Dope Game Remaster

Tried to crank out the last remaining environment assets this week.  They seem to take about a day a piece actually.  By that math, I didn’t get many of them done.


In between assets, I went in to check some things off my list.  Kind of a double-check before pushing things to the beta branch.  If I am still going to hit my May 30th deadline (which is about a week from today), the beta branch will probably end up with a very small window.

That being said, multiplayer will probably end up being patched in after May 30th.  Most of my time has been sucked up revamping the main portion of the game itself and multiplayer still requires a lot of additional testing and functionality before it is ready for prime-time.

That’s about it for now, next week will hopefully be news on the imminent release of some things!

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