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Classic... Still love this gem, Steam Workshop in the future would be great...

Cheers, sir!  Yeah, we thought about Steam Workshop about mid-way through the game's content updates.  At this point, the easiest thing to do without a lot of modification to the engine would be Steam Workshop for text scripts.  Like adding new languages.

However, we are currently getting ready to start work on the sequel; we're actively in the design phase.  Putting Steam Workshop as a feature in that would be much easier at the beginning so that people would add items and stuff.

hey i just brought it how to i polay it? its only giving me the stash dlc but i just want to play the base game?

The game comes with a Steam key.  You should be able to generate one from your account.  You will also be emailed a Steam key for the DLC.

I think there is a "redeem Steam key" button in your library or purchases on Itch.

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Going to vote for this on greenlight right meow

Haha, thanks, but it's already on Steam!

yup! Just grabbed it. Also shared. Good luck with sales, hope they are going well.

Cheers and happy new year, sire! Hope you like it!