The Dope Game - Android Edition - Version 1.1 Update

Hey, dope fiends! Today we are pushing out the version 1.1.0 update to the Android Edition. This removes all the Google Play Services crap and adds in our own CoaguCo login process. Once you log in, the game will pull your Steam statistics and merge them into your game.

Currently, however, it does not sync your achievements. Also, the Steam version will not automatically sync you Android data. You will have to use the Sync option in the Options menu. Since Google decided to pull the game with no clear reasoning, which we wrote about last week-ish, the game is now fully available in The Stash DLC from now on and will be updated there. You can also get it on Amazon soon.

For those curious, here is the change log for the Android Edition:

  • Added: retirement option to bank
  • Added: endings section for statistics
  • Added: new achievement - 401(K)
  • Added: text color change on errors in banking interface
  • Added: max deposit/withdraw in bank interface
  • Added: CoaguCo login
  • Added: stat sync with Steam
  • Changed: music max and minimum values in options and globally
  • Changed: various bits of code for performance
  • Changed: updates to API system
  • Changed: statistics area to compensate for more stuff
  • Changed: player cannot select location they are on map, prevents getting trapped
  • Changed: bank may now have deposits/withdraw over $100,000
  • Fixed: issue where finding non-firearm causes game to crash
  • Fixed: not removing medpack after use
  • Fixed: glitch where game would crash if player sold all but 1 of a drug


The Dope Game - Android Edition - v1.1 100 MB
Aug 04, 2018

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