One Way To Die: Redux Nearing Release

Hey folks! Since the redux version of One Way To Die is entering the testing phase, we figured it was a good time to talk a bit more about it.

What's New
All of the graphics are getting updated along with splash screens; an attempt to match the art styles with our newer stuff. The player character, Jenkins, will also be featured more visibly. Some animations have been added to break up the monotony as well. And there will be some new music.

There is a new story mode which will restructure how the game flows. There will be somewhat more paths to take, with possible ends at the usual array of deaths. The writing will also get a punch up. Once story mode is beaten, it will unlock the older choose mode and, of course, when that is beaten you can play random mode. Oh, and there is a new achievement for beating all three.

Statistics and leaderboards have been expanded. Some additional content has been added to the deluxe edition as well, with more goodies being added after launch.

We're updating the trading cards (which are still all janky), the wallpapers, emoticons, and related stuff. The trailers are also being redone.

Finally controller support might make it in before we update but might be added shortly after... depending.

When's It Coming
It should be out at the end of August or beginning of September barring any weird issues we hit before then. If there is a delay we'll probably write more about it. When there is a definite launch date, it'll get posted.

See you then!

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