One Way To Die - Version 5.3 Update

Hey, death-seekers! We have just issued an update to address a problem that has plagued us for some time... statistics.

The game will now rely on your local save file instead of pulling statistics from Steam unless you elect to sync them in the Options section. This should prevent stats from "disappearing" because Steam failed to send the data correctly.

There are also some minor QoL updates as well. In case your the curious type, here is the change log:

  • Added: tooltip hints to Options menu
  • Added: individual death numbers to save files
  • Added: missing Steam stats for mode plays
  • Added: "Now Choosing For" in title so player knows what page is next
  • Changed: graphics drivers back to GLES 3.0 with fallback to GLES 2.0 if needed
  • Changed: complete overhaul to stat saving and loading system
  • Changed: how the game calculates unique deaths
  • Changed: how the game checks achievements and saves stats
  • Changed: system does not check Steam by default when loading stats, now only when syncing
  • Fixed: Steam achievements only looking for 17 instead of 18
  • Fixed: stats section not showing all achievements if unlocked
  • Removed: stat dependency on Steam stats

More to come!

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