One Way To Die - Version 5.2 Update

Hey death-seekers! Today we are updating the game to version 5.2 which mostly focuses on multiplayer improvements as well as some other fixes.

Some points of interest are things like you can now see the saboteur's trap kills and broken traps in the HUD. The timer graphics have been moved around. An item description now shows up when you hover over any HUD item or icon.

For the curious, here are the change log notes:

  • Added: item description on hover
  • Added: hud icons to show saboteur's kills
  • Changed: flashlight reactivates if player dies
  • Changed: set default sound / music level to half normal; doesn't affect pre-update levels
  • Changed: temporarily disable flashlight on death screen to prevent selection
  • Changed: host clearing death / immunity message clears it for saboteur too
  • Changed: location of lock timer
  • Fixed: flashlight drop check even if player has flashlight
  • Fixed: accepting invite while not in-game doesn't connect to
  • Fixed: issue with joining game from friends list
  • Fixed: lack of hooks for various saboteur stats
  • Fixed: splash intro not honoring user-set sound levels
  • Removed: old unused scenes and assets

More to come!

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