One Way To Die - Version 5.0 Update - Redux

Hey there, death-seekers!  The day has finally come and we are releasing the brand-new version of One Way To Die; version 5.0!  There are a lot of changes that were made to the game, some requested and most not.  Also, today marks the first day of the Halloween Event!  So get out there and start hunting up those holiday-themed deaths.


All-New Stuff We made a bunch of graphical changes; everything from the splash screens to new HUD to, well, the overall art style.  You now get to see what old Jenkins actually looks like, in case you were curious and we know you weren’t.

We also changed how sabotaging other players works.  There is now a new menu option called Sabotage.  Selecting it will open a server menu which will allow you to select any available games to jump into and sets traps for.  You should also be able to invite your friends and enemies through Steam itself. Our previous post has more information about the new sabotage mode.

A new Story mode has been added that gives a lot more choices to how your misadventure proceeds, making it a bit safer to navigate your house and the city.  Much like Choose Mode, the options have static results for the most part. Deaths that are locked for holiday events or very specific luck values still show up pseudo-randomly.

Miss Katy, We Depreciates Ya! With the new engine updates (to Godot 3.1.1) we are cutting out two problematic operating systems; mostly due to compiling and lack of access.  These, naturally, are Linux 32-bit systems and MacOS.  The legacy version of the game will still exist, however, there just won’t be any current or future updates to them.  We are sure all five of you will understand.

More? More! We have some plans to add a little more polish and a few small extras, mostly to the Deluxe DLC, over the next few months.  So stay tuned!

Oh.  Finally, for those of you who love changelogs for some weird reason, here you go:

  • Added: new graphical assets
  • Added: full statistics breakdown to non-deluxe version
  • Added: new Story Mode
  • Added: new leaderboards
  • Added: new Saboteur mode
  • Added: lobby lists for multiplayer
  • Changed: upgraded engine to Godot 3.1.1
  • Changed: many graphical assets
  • Changed: new splash sequence
  • Changed: new Godot splash image
  • Changed: CoaguCo API interaction
  • Changed: lots of code refinements under the hood
  • Changed: new layouts in all sections
  • Fixed: sound value not changing sound volume on load
  • Fixed: a variety of spelling and grammar errors

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